The Whole Donut


BLUF: An active social media presence establishes your brand, helps reach broader audiences of potential customers, builds long term relationships, and will increase sales.

I tell people that having a social media presence is a prerequisite all the time. So as you might imagine, I get really excited whenever I find a business that doesn't think so.

A Small donut shop right in the heart of downtown. There's always a line, often selling out before the business day is over. They have one competitor downtown that makes mediocre doughnuts. "I don't need social media" the shop owner always tells me.

This little donut shop has the best donuts downtown, a loyal customer base, and a sweet location. What else could they want? 

What does that competitor have?

A Social Media Presence, three locations, fifty-plus employees, tourism social media account mentions daily, amazing Yelp reviews, pictures of their doughnuts being shared with people worldwide, ranked number one by local media, and now a new tourist trolley stop right around the corner of their downtown location.


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