3 Ways to Amplify Instagram Exposure


BLUF: Be aggressive. Take Advantage of algorithms by being active. Activity is always rewarded.

I can't stress enough the importance of organic growth when talking about growing and cultivating a strong reliable network of social media followers. If you want to successfully establish brand, cultivate an engaged following, and ultimately convert leads into profits, it's imperative that you take your time and put in the work. With that said, if a client says to me, " I want more Instagram followers and likes..like now," I say...post something to your Instagram then...

1. Aggressively follow like minded people. The first thing most people do when they get a notification that someone followed them, is to check out that persons profile. This is a critical moment. You only get one chance at a first impression. If you've followed my tips on optimizing your social media profiles, you're sure to get something. Targeting like minded people increased your chances that they will follow you as well. One follower, one like…it's not what your client wants…ummm I did say aggressively follow. Want 50  new followers…follow 100. Its pretty simple. Putting your profile in front of as many eyes as possible increases your chances converting a profile view into more followers and more likes quickly. 

2. Like it like it's going out of style. Now that your Instagram following is rapidly growing you'll notice that the number of notifications you receive will increase. So and so followed you, someone liked your post, some person commented on how amazing your company is. This isn’t happening just because you've followed step one. It's happening because everyone else is already on to  step two. Keep up! You've now got a gang of people looking at you, now show them that you're looking at them. Click that home icon then start smashing those hearts. There is nothing wrong with being first. If your followers feel appreciated they will reciprocate in kind. Liking as many posts as possible cultivates relationships with your followers as well as optimizes your chances of being seen by someone outside your network, leading to new followers and more likes.

3. Give them what they want. By now your following is bigger than ever, your posts are getting massive amounts of likes, and now people are following you in hopes that you'll look at their profile. Give them something that no social media manager can live without. Engagement! Chat it up with some of your followers. Don't just say robotic stuff like, “that picture is cool,” try being cool and telling someone how you really feel. Getting someone to comment is often the hardest thing to make happen. Those people  you've just started talking to know it as well. They will be so excited they've gotten a comment they will start chatting up you're posts. Wait…more comments wasn't  asked for…true but in order to maximize your efforts in gaining followers and increasing likes it starts with getting people to look at your posts. One way to increase the amount of people looking at your posts is by commenting. Utilizing my tips on crafting amazing comments to amplify engagement will get you what you want and much more. 

I’m a strong believer in organically grown networks. Putting the time and work into doing so Leads to larger gains in the future. Not everyone has the luxury of time. If you don't, follow these three tips and you'll be well on your way to an increased number of likes and the largest following you've ever had. You are not alone.

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