Social Media



create/cultivate social networks

An active network doesn't happen overnight. Creating a following that shares your content, engages with you, visits your site, and becomes customers, needs to be cultivated. Meanersons organically grows your business, a social media presence that...

  • can be expanded on
  • can be leveraged against
  • is active
  •  increases your reach
  • adds credibility to an online business

Just because you built it doesn't mean they will come. Spending quality time engaging your network as it grows increases your chances of converting a simple online conversation into sales.


account management

Account management is often overlooked. As your business grows, so will the size of your network. When your network grows, so will the amount of work managing it. We'll do the dirty work.  Meanersons makes your online business day-to-day a priority. 



Establishing authenticity is key to navigating the social space. Providing quick response times and conflict resolution, while creating direct open communication with your network goes a long way. Prioritizing relationships with your social network is a smart move for any startup or business looking to insert themselves into the online community.


Sometimes it's as simple as just telling people your business is active, where to find you, what you offer, and how to purchase an item or service. Other times it's not so easy. Amplifying your reach, leveraging networks off each other, and efficiently directing traffic toward your website leads to increased conversions.


Our partners are always aware of what we are doing, why we are doing it, and how we are doing it. With our experience and your entrepreneurial spirit we can reach success in the social media space. Working with Meanersons our partners are provided with knowledge of industry best practices, twelve years of social media experience, an intense desire to stay at the forefront of online marketing techniques, and a continuously growing social network.



We create the broadest audience for you to establish your brand. Staying at the forefront of current trends and utilizing social media best practices creates an environment for your business to be part of the conversation. Gaining credibility and authenticity are the quickest way to become the conversation. 


audience targeting

As your social networks grow, an incredible amount of information can be collected. We track those trends for you. While you're landing your next big account, Meanersons is directing solid leads to your business.

keyword monitoring

Keywords are used to express feelings, be part of a broader discussion, and more. Monitoring keywords can help you learn what your customers are interested in and what your competitors are doing. Knowing these behaviors is key to successful social media engagement. Good listening adds credibility to your business online, helps target tweets, plan email campaigns, create blogs, stay on top of trends, and increase conversion rates. Proactivity is the fast track to online success.