Oahu Fringe Festival II - Puppetry, Improv, Folk Music and Choreography

Bonnie Kim, a freelance artist and puppeteer based on Hawaii Island, received her Master of Fine Arts degree in Theatre from University of Hawaii at Manoa, focusing on arts education with puppetry, masks and movement. Her passion for puppetry has led her to study, create, and perform various types of puppetry such as giant puppets, Chinese hand puppets, Czech marionettes and shadow puppets in different parts of the world.  She is also one of professional teaching artists with the Hawaii State Foundation on Culture and the Arts’ Artists in the Schools Program, providing theater and puppetry residencies in schools.     
Her facebook can be searched with bonniekimhawaii@gmail.com. Find her on Twitter @BonniePuppet

SheenRu is a choreographer and the initiator of body portal theatre. She began dancing at Wesleyan University and then trained in New York City and Taipei, where she was commissioned and inspired to choreograph evening-length shows, site-specific works, and community-based performances, most recently under the auspices of the LuoManFei Dance Fund and the Taiwan Ministry of Culture. While earning her MFA in Choreography at the Taipei National University of the Arts, she toured internationally with Legend Lin Dance Theatre. Through the platform body portal theatre, she continues to research and develop the creative potentials of the individual, collective, and environmental bodies we inhabit.

Stef Mariani delivers sensitive melodies and driven lyrics that come together to form a passionate sound straight from the heart. Born to Northern California based folk singer songwriter Carolyn Haley-Murray, her biggest musical influence comes from her family. From folk to folk pop and americana to acoustic rock, Stef also finds her inspiration in artists like The Doobie Brothers, Crosby Stills & Nash, Joni Mitchell, John Mellencamp and Bruce Springsteen. Stef’s goal is to uplift the spirits of people so they can feel hope in a tough world. In her belief that all things are possible, she has retained her child like sense of wonder and wishes to pass that on through her music. Stef Mariani is a soulful singer songwriter sharing her powerful vulnerability.

Look for Stef's 3rd full length album to be released Summer 2017: Stay Gold.

Formed in 2011, Think Fast works to share the art of improvisation, provide quality entertainment and education for the Hawaii community and foster the growth of the improv scene. Rory Franzen tells us what we can expect to see from the world of improv at the Oahu Fringe Festival this weekend.

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