Fringe Festival 2017 - electroViolet and Mama Ensemble

electroViolet is a duo between Peiling Kao and Gretchen Jude. They have been practicing improvisation as a form to explore collaboration between movement and sound on equal footing and find the synchronicity without dictating and directing. Body electric 1.1 is electroViolet’s debut in Hawaii.  In December 2016, a devastating fire killed many artists in the Ghost Ship warehouse space. This brings to the forefront the issue of affordable art space and how artists (and others) need safe, accessible places to live and work. Body electric 1.1 is infused with this energy—the urgency to develop responsiveness to unknown futures—the essence and essentialness of improvisation.

Mama Ensemble is a group of Honolulu performing artists from different genres who have all had babies in the past year and a half.  How they have had to come together to produce and rehearse a fringe show, literally with babes in arms, has been a challenge, but they persevere.  The process has been fraught with difficulties, but the motivation is to talk story as new mothers and performing artists and to use performance as a platform to air the insider truths of motherhood.

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