Moving 21 7 Million People in a Day (ThinkTech Asia)

The Beijing Transportation Blues.  The city of Beijing, a massive 6,000 square miles – larger than the state of Connecticut - and with an enormous population of 21.7 million people crammed into this area and with a population density twice of New York – it is a wonder how people move around this huge city.  Already 5 million plus or a quarter of the population own and drive a car, and now government restricting would be car drivers to having to win a lottery –car transportation will be less of a choice of daily transportation.  Chances are likely that three quarters of this 21.7 million people will have to find alternate ways of daily commuting via public transportation.  But, public transportation is not all that bad, and in fact, is one of the best in the world.  Today, we explore how its done - moving daily 21.7 million people in China’s capital city of Beijing via its subways and buses.