Yes, Lawyers Can Do Other Things Too (Life In The Law)

In addition to being a 3rd Generation attorney and next year’s incoming HSBA Vice-President (HSBA President in 2020), there’s some other kinda interesting things about me, potentially, including:   1. Long time, avid motorcycle and car enthusiast (i.e., attend car and motorcycle auctions on the mainland all the time; attended 73rd Sturgis Blackhills Rally; appeared on The Travel Channel’s Sturgis Raw, Episode 2, Chrome & Glory (still in re-runs to this day); former AM radio color guy on a car enthusiast talk show, as Greg Frey, the Car Guy).   2. Very long-time volunteer Board Member on several local and national Boards   3. Co-owner of The P.I.A.E Group, LLC, which stages the Pacific Ink & Art Expo, aka Hawaii Tattoo Expo, on Oahu (7th year) and Maui (2nd year)