King Kalakaua’s Trip Around The World (Law Across The Sea)

What We All Can Still Learn Today From King Kalakaua's Experiences.

Zita has been affiliated with the Palace since 1977.  Zita conducts the docent training classes and does research to support a wide variety of Palace programs and initiatives.  Teresa oversees restoration efforts of the Palace, manages its royal collections, develops new exhibits, and conducts historical research of the Palace’s artifacts.  My Guests bring their own individual expertise,  insight,  and knowledge concerning King Kalakaua’s intellectual, emotional, and physical trip around the world in 1881.  We will discuss the reasons that the King left his country and traveled to foreign lands,  how he was he greeted as he traveled across Asia, Europe, and America, my Guests’ favorite stories of his travels, what King Kalakaua learned, and what we all can still learn today from his experiences.