International singer and songwriter Felito Felix (Hispanic Hawaii)

Felito Felix is the pride and joy of the Puerto Rican community as international singer and song writer.  The discussion is about Felito Felix's accomplishment and contribution to music. He started his career in 1961 and was a member of the Four amigos band in the 1961 here in Hawaii. Who recored 67 album and wrote over 500 songs that today we can still hear over the radio. He recored with capital record and recognized the one singer ever recored a duo with Elvis Presley. He wrote for many other famous latin singer as well. He is recognize as one of two singer that has more then 250,000 audience in central park New york during his performance only one other singer has accomplished that. His home base was Hawaii and he  has retired and was visiting Hawaii. we talk about his career, future, and advice to future generation of musicians