Japan’s Judicial System – What’s the Verdict? (Law Across The Sea)

Asian Comparative and International Law.  Guest is Mark A. Levin, Professor of Law and Director of the Pacific-Asian Legal Studies Program at the William S. Richardson School of Law of The University of Hawaii. Professor Levin has been teaching Japanese law at the Richardson School of Law for over 20 years, covering a range of topics including history, constitutional law, legal education and careers, business transactions, and criminal justice. The School of Law’s unique Pacific-Asian Legal Studies Program provides law students with the opportunity to take general Asian comparative and international law courses or choose from specialized courses on Chinese, Japanese, Korean, or other Pacific ­Asian topics and takes advantage of Hawaii and the Law School’s global position and environment.  Professor Levin will discuss the present day Japan judicial system, how Japanese social values are reflected in its court system and judgments,  prospects for change, and comparisons with the U.S. judicial system.