The Joys of Deliberative Divorce

Lisa Jacobs is a Mediator, Collaborative Attorney, Facilitator, Speaker, and Trainer in the areas of Family and Elder Law. She founded Better Way Divorce, also known as Pono Divorce, where she devotes 100% of her law and mediation practice to support families resolve their disputes using non-adversarial processes.  Lisa has been licensed to practice law in Hawaii for the past 23 years.  She has handled over 1,800 cases as a Family Law Consulting Attorney, 110 cases as a Mediator, and 12 cases as a Collaborative Attorney, with an agreement rate exceeding 90%.

Tom DiGrazia is an Adjunct Professor of Law at the Richard School of Law at UH Manoa, and currently teaches a family law mediation course.  He is also an author on a book on family mediation and peacemaking. 

Lisa and Tom join Jay to discuss the collaborative divorce process.