What I Learned in Hawaii - Harmonizing with the Rhythm of Life

Olivier Urbain is the former Director of the Toda Peace Institute, based in Tokyo and Honolulu. Originally from Belgium, and a longtime student in the U.S. and Japan, Olivier has been exploring the means and methods of peacebuilding, from a practical and academic standpoint, through studies of community organizations in Hawaii. He reflects on the meaning of those lessons for people in their daily working lives, and for those in a management and leadership position in business. 

Olivier’s special focus is music — the power of sound to make revolution, to enable meaningful and durable social change. Keywords in his research are “social music therapy” and “preventive peacebuilding through musicking.”

He has great respect and admiration for traditional Hawaiian culture, and the role the arts play in sustaining it. Olivier shares his experiences, the people he met, the universal cultural meanings of his time in Honolulu, and reflections on Asian and American psychology. Olivier has been appointed Director of the Min-On Music Research Institute, and next month he is moving to Tokyo to take up enlarged responsibilities there.

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