Delicious Creations with the Chocolate Flavormeister

Madre Chocolate has a quest to make truly amazing chocolate and they are driven by a passion to inspire greater appreciation among consumers for the rich cultural heritage and ecological diversity surrounding cacao. They aim for their selection of organic, fair trade chocolate bars to connect chocolate-eaters directly to the source, and in doing so to contribute to the well-being of cacao farmers and their communities.

Dr. Nat Bletter's role is chocolate flavormeister, working with the farmers directly on the key cacao fermentation to tease the best flavor out of the local cacao beans, as well as designing all inclusion bars flavored with traditional Mesoamerican and local fruits and spices. Nat's background is in ethnobotany and he studied in Guatemala, Peruvian Amazon, Mali, Thailand, and Lao. Justine Espiritu and Matthew Johnson, co-hosts of Hawaii Food and Farmers Series, hear how these experiences influenced the products and processes Nat has created at Madre Chocolate

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