The Trump-Xi Jinping Meeting: What to Expect Regarding Trade, Politics and US-China Relations

What will Donald Trump say to China's Xi Jinping when they meet? Trade War? Tariffs on Chinese imports? 

This past weekend Rex Tillerson, Secretary of State under President Trump, has been busy in Beijing making preparations for a historic U.S. visit by Xi Jinping. What will President Trump say to Xi Jinping when they meet?

While President Trump had been known for tweeting on placing higher tariffs on Chinese imports, the possibility of a trade war may be imminent. Trump's advisors have also suggested war on China, both economically and militarily. U.S. businesses invested in China manufacture or performed services in China which are exported back to the U.S.  With the possibility of higher tariffs imposed on these U.S. "Chinese" goods or services, U.S. companies may become the victim of its own government actions.  Philip Lew, CEO of the U.S. technology company, XBOSoft, which has operated a  subsidiary in China for the past 10 years,  offers insights on ThinkTech Asia with Russell Leu and Ray Tsuchiyama about doing business in China and the impact of President Trump's stated policies -- the possible impact upon U.S. businesses operating there.