Navigating the Turbulent Waters of the 21st Century Workplace

The days of one or two jobs and very little change are gone. Today, the key to sustaining a working lifetime at mid and late career is “learning” to manage your career as your “business”  - not just as your job. This requires flexibility, new thinking and strategies similar to starting and running a business that must adjust to the demands of fast-changing times. Join Carleen MacKay and Phyllis Horner for an insightful episode of New Workforce Hawaii.

The "workplace doc" Phyllis Horner expertly guides executives and others in the intricacies of working and leading others in a fast-changing world.  She is the author of the best-selling book, Powerful Choices for Mid-Career Women: How to Create Your Personal Pathway to Meaning, Prosperity and Your Next Great Job, working on a new course called "Getting to your Next!", and is a contributor to New Workforce Hawaii’s exclusive membership of cutting-edge workplace and workforce experts.  Though she also guides executive development at Servco Pacific, she is with ThinkTech today as a private individual.

Bill Sager joins Carleen MacKay and Phyllis Horner to discuss his late career changes and offer words of wisdom to younger members of our increasingly complex workforce.