Getting the Job Done - Honorable Leadership with Speaker Emeritus Calvin Say

The Art of Thinking Smart with Michael North welcomes one of Hawaii’s most respected leaders, Speaker Emeritus of the Hawaii State Legislature, Calvin Say.

Calvin Say has served in the Hawaii State Legislature for 40 years, representing the 20th District (Kaimuki) since being elected as a young man in 1977. He served 13 years as Speaker of the House, and provided leadership on many of the most important growing steps for the State. Last fall, he was re-elected again, with a 40-point margin. 

He has served in key House committee posts in Finance, Agriculture, Legislative Management, Education, Tourism and much more, and is a leader of the Chinese-American community.

Calvin Say’s reputation is — he gets the job done. And his heart is in the right place.

Speaker Say shares personal insights on what has made him so successful. As a politician, a businessman, a husband, father and community leader, he has achieved a level of respect, accomplishment and integrity that are a rarity in politics today, or indeed in any field.

Calvin Say thinks smart. Tune in to discover how, and why.