Revitalizing Hawaii's Ranching Industry - Kunoa Cattle Company

Kunoa Cattle Company currently ranches 2,000 head of cattle on both Kauai and Oahu pastureland. Kunoa is focused on regenerative grazing to build soil, and store carbon while protecting marine habitats by reducing runoff. This allows the ranch to shepherd healthy, sustainable herds that support the land while producing delicious, healthy beef products.

Kunoa Ranch recently purchased the largest USDA-inspected beef/pork butchery in Hawaii, located in Campbell Industrial Park on Oahu, a huge asset for not only Kunoa but entire ranching industry in the State.  Through their participation in the Energy Excelerator program, Kunoa includes renewable energy capacity to the facility through a 100kW photovotaics system built on the rooftop of the slaughterhouse, reducing the greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint.  Bobby Farias, Co-founder of Kunoa Cattle Company, shares how Kunoa shepherds sustainable herds with co-hosts Justine Espiritu and Matt Johnson on Hawaii Food and Farmers Series.