Overlooking a Talented Portion of the Workforce - Special Needs Employees

People with special needs, including mobility or intellectual challenges, and those who are medically involved or have chronic health diagnoses, are one of the most often ignored sources of talent.  Often, these people want to work and are capable of performing the essential functions of a job, but they are simply overlooked by employers in need of talent.  By law, every child is entitled to a free and appropriate education, and special ed programs are available at many of Hawaii's public schools, but what happens to a student with special needs once they graduate from high school or age out of special ed programs?  And what about their families--how do parents, siblings, and the rest of the ohana ensure that a child with special needs continues to receive necessary training and other services when public education is no longer an option?  Taletha Manigo is a mother of two children with special needs. She appears on Working Together with Dr. Cheryl Crozier Garcia to talk about the challenges, and the blessings, of raising kids who have special needs.