Go Renewable Or Go Home!

Christopher  Kinkaid, From Portland, Oregon Is The Founder Of Solardyne.com, Solarquote.com, Algaedyne.com, Climatedyne.com And Has Worked In The Clean Energy Industry For Over Three Decades.

Mr. Kinkaid Is The Inventor Of The “Helyx” Vertical Axis Wind Generator, The “Mariposa” Nonimaging Solar Concentrator Pv Module (Continuous Operation At Sandia National Laboratory Since 1994), The Solar Demultiplexer Optical Solar Concentrating Lens (Dr. James/Sandia National Laboratory 1991), And The Inventor Of The Original “Solar Power Pack” (Mother Earth News, “Littlest Utility” June/July, 2001). Toby Kinkaid Has Been An Official Lecturer And Presenter On Clean Energy Technology Around The World Including Apec, Bangkok, Thailand, 2003, “Energy Solutions World” Tokyo, Japan, 2003, The International Biomass Conference (Ibc), 2010, Minneapolis, Mn, And The Algal Biomass Organization (Abo) Conference, 2010, Phoenix, Az. Toby Kinkaid Has Appeared In Tv Interviews On Koin Tv, Kgw Tv, Fox 12 News And “Sustainable Today” Produced In Oregon. Mr. Kinkaid Has Served On The Board Of Directors For The National Hydrogen Association, In Washington D.c., 1993, And The Japanese Satellite Communications Company (Jcnet), Fukuoka, Japan, 1994, Oregon Wind Corporation 2003-2007, Algaedyne Corporation (2008-2011), Currently Serving As Ceo Of Solardyne In Portland, Oregon. Mr. Kinkaid Has Developed The “Emergency Sun” Portable Solar Power Supply For Disaster Relief, And The Sunbreather, A Solar Powered "Oating Pump Which Oxygenates Ponds And Lakes Against Toxic Algae. Toby Appears On Stan The Energy Man With Stan Osserman To Discuss A Business Model That Offers Renewable Energy Charging Systems And Ride Sharing Type Operations