Honolulu, a Tale of Two Worlds - Building Global Business and Investment Platforms

Given its midway proximity to Asia and being at the crossroad between Beijing and Washington, D.C., Hawaii’s location for business, trade and diplomacy is desirable especially at interacting with the world’s second largest economy, China.

But, Hawaii is facing a crisis.  In a Trump presidency era, Hawaii can no longer rely on federal government spending. With the internet, global opportunities in tourism are being missed as Chinese travelers find other competitive leisure destinations.  And with the internet, business investments too are passing overhead Hawaii.  But, crises develop opportunities. What must Hawaii do?

 The answer: change ourselves. But, we don’t have the luxury of time and there is a sense of immediacy.  In this new age where opportunities are increasingly global, we must build a platform attract global business investment, tourism and diplomacy. How to achieve such a platform? Learn from the lessons of innovation and change through the eyes of two college students at China’s “Georgetown University”- China’s most prestigious global university, Beijing Foreign Studies University.

 A tale of two worlds:  Co-Hosts Jay Fidell and Russell Leu (live from Beijing)- glean global lessons learned from two undergraduate students upon discussing with them their global educational aspirations and experiences:  William Ladd, an American and former Hawaii resident majoring in finance at the international business school, and Li Tianyu, a Chinese national who is studying law in the university’s law school.  Tune in for ThinkTech Asia to learn from these two on how Hawaii, and yes, the greater U.S. can make America great again- through Global and Cross-Border Education, Culture and Language (Mandarin and English) Competency.