One Belt, One Road

One of the biggest stories today in Asia and as well globally is China's initiative, One Belt, One Road.  It is an economic and diplomatic initiative which will involve over 60 countries, 60% of the world's population and 33% of the world's GDP.  It will connect China with Europe over the historic land route known as the Silk Road which runs through Western China,  Middle East and Europe; the second route is sea-based and follows the ancient maritime route used by Chinese traders centuries ago - running from China's southeastern's seaboard through the South China Seas, the Indian Ocean and up through Africa via the Suez Canal and finally winding its way to Europe across the Mediterranean Ocean.  How does One Belt, One Road affect Hawaii ? Highly skilled human resources and professional services will be required which Hawaii can provide.  Learn about the opportunities and challenges through the show's co-hosts, Russell Leu and Ray Tsuchiyama.