Outcomes of the 2017 Legislature

What Were The Outcomes Of The 2017 Legislature? Jeff Mikulina Of The Blue Planet Foundation And Leslie Cole Brooks Of The Distributed Energy Resources Council Of Hawaii Appear On Hawaii, State Of Clean Energy With Co-Hosts: Mina Morita, Energy Dynamics And Jay Fidell To Share Their Perspectives On The 2017 Legislative Session. 

Questions Mina will ask:  (1) tell us what was your priority bill(s), give some background on what happened at the legislature, what were the obstacles/challenges in getting it passed (2) are there alternatives to legislation to accomplish what the bills were intended to do (3) how do you plan to prepare for the next session (4) what's the larger vision for your organization (5) given you are sector disruptors, what is the best way or how can we all be more productive especially in dealing in a framework as time consuming as policy development