Neither East Nor West

Mr. Richard Turbin has been an attorney in Honolulu for over 40 years. He was born in New York City but calls Hawaii his home. Although his legal practice has focused on personal injury, medical malpractice and insurance claim cases, Mr. Turbin has looked beyond the borders of countries and helped develop relationships with lawyers from all over the world. While President of the Hawaii State Bar Association in 2005, Mr. Turbin initiated and promoted the development of Hawaii’s first Bar to Bar Friendship Agreement with a foreign Bar Association. The first such Friendship Agreement was with the Dai-Ichi Tokyo Bar Association. Several more have followed. Mr. Turbin was recently elected to serve as Chairman of the East-West Center’s Board of Governors. Mr. Turbin joins Mark Shkov on Law Across the Sea to discuss his vision and personal philosophy and the value of such professional-personal relationships and how they have affected his personal life and family.