Investment in Innovation, Pacific Style

The guest today on The Art of Thinking Smart is Chenoa Farnsworth, Managing Partner at Blue Startups, Honolulu. Chenoa has had a significant career as an investment advisor in Honolulu, associated with the Hawaii Angels and Kolohala Ventures.She joined Blue Startups, one of the leading incubators in the United States, at its founding. She has assisted dozens of young companies to develop their technology, management and marketing, and get them prepared to raise venture capital.Chenoa is one of the leaders of Hawaii’s fast-growing venture capital ecosystem, and has started to bring new companies and investors together from the mainland United States, and from Asia. Her work has a direct impact on the future growth of Hawaii’s economy, and her techniques, styles and ways of organization are of value to anyone concerned with fostering the growth of new companies.Today’s guest host is James McCay, Energy Solutions Partner at Ameresco in Honolulu.