Weichat vs Apple Changing Western Business Models

Weichat is the China dream.  Unless you live and work in China and use Weichat, you are missing out on the greatest revolution in China. Weichat is transforming the lives of ordinary Chinese- it is the China dream.  Originally starting out as a simple chat program (messaging, making phone calls, transferring photos and files), it has transformed the lives of 938 million users- enabling users to split a restaurant bill (go Dutch), order a taxi, rent a bike, add more mobile phone time by buying credit to your China mobile phone and even getting food delivery or buying movie tickets. Weichat is the real deal and a game changer – it does more than communicates. Think of Weichat as an iOS system in its own rights --- lots of mini apps within its own ecosystem.

Stakes are high- if Apple loses, Western business platforms must rethink how to do business. It is only a matter of time Weichat’s revolution spills beyond China’s 938 million users.