Hawaiian Genealogy

Kaho`okeleholu Kale Hannahsand Manny Mattos. Kale Hannahs is the Project Manager for OHA’s Papakilo Database and the Co-Manager of Hale Noelo.  Kale leads the Papakilo Database, a comprehensive online resource that has been recognized as one of the best examples of an online indigenous repository of knowledge.  The Papakilo Database is a reliable resource for Hawaiian Knowledge through the historic documents that are made available to the general public and it’s partnerships that empower community organizations to better manage, preserve, and disseminate historical data. Manny Mattos is a retired HPD Officer who is a craftsman of traditional Hawaiian weapons, the wooden spears, daggers and clubs of ancient warriors. He has studied museum pieces and perfected his craft, creating replicas in Koa and other Hawaiian woods, in order to preserve and pass on the traditions of Hawaiian warriors. Kale and Manny discuss the history, present significance, and future of Hawaiian Genealogy.