Ringing The Bell For Global Peace

Raya Salter and Helen Hyden cover the Hiroshima Peace Bell Ringing Ceremony in Downtown Honolulu at Izumo Taishakyo Shrine. Ray Tsuchiyama and Ian Davidson traveled to the shrine to take a look at the ceremony and the history around the ceremony and the shrine, as well as speaking to Reverend Jun Miyasaka of Izumo Taisha. Lisa Ontaiof the Honolulu YMCA, gave a keynote speech at the ceremony, Bishop Daiya Amano participated, as well as words from Edward Hawkins of the City and County of Honolulu, Hitomi Patterson, a retired Punahou Teacher, Eric Matsumoto, a Bishop of the Honpa Hongwanji Mission, Gregg Kinkley, a Lay Leader of Sof Ma’arav, Kahu Kaleo Patterson, of the Pacific Justice & Reconciliation Center, Kai Uyehara, Alumnae of YMCA Let;s Get Together, and an interview with Richard Miyao.
Episode Number 332. Original Air Date August 13, 2017