Yakudoshi: The Age Of Calamity

Chris McKinney’s seventh novel takes place in Hawaii’s underworld of lounge bars, drugs, gambling and crime.

In Japan, people believe that there are years in a person’s life that are bad luck. For men, the worst is 41. It is yakudoshi. It is the age of calamity.

Bruce Blanc, fresh off a nine-year prison jolt and back on the streets of Honolulu, is about to turn 41. He finds himself embroiled in urban Honolulu’s Asian-American nightlife. Kids lighting up the night with cocaine and killing daylight with Xanax. Girls who spend more time looking at themselves in the mirror than Snow White’s mom; the older divorcees with means who prey on them. And ninety-pound female drug lords and the cops in love with them. A new bar is opening or shutting down daily. The foundation of a new high rise is being poured every day. This is not your mom’s Hawaii. It’s building up, not building out.