Chinese Language and Culture:The Roots of Understanding (Understanding China)

A conversation with Cyndy Ning of the Confucius Institute.  In this conversation, we explore the ways in which China has become an important factor in the business, academic and cultural environment of Hawai’i. Cyndy will offer a basic lesson in common, everyday Chinese words and expressions, and talk about the pictorial and inferential nature of understanding Chinese, which helps to understand the roots of a complex language and culture.

She is author of several innovative textbooks, including Encounters: Chinese Language & Culture Books. She has served as president and executive director of the Chinese Language Teachers Association (CLTA), and president of the Chinese Language Education Association of Hawaii, as well as of the Hawaii Association of Language Teachers. She often teaches the combination of 21st century skills with language learning. Cyndy holds a PhD in Chinese literature from the University of Michigan.

The host for this episode was Michael North.  The guest for this episode was Cyndy Ning.