Key Bills In The 2018 Hawaii Legislature (Finding Respect In The Chaos)

In this episode of Finding Respect in the Chaos, Justin Murakami, JD, joins Cynthia Lee Sinclair to talk about The Kapiolani Sex Abuse Treatment center and how it helps craft laws that make a profound differences in the lives of victims.  The Kapi’olani Sex Abuse Treatment Center is actively involved in writing the language for house bills 2128 and 1847 dealing with insurance coverage for clinical victim support services, and extending  the time to re-file expired child abuse cases. And Senate Bills, 2719, extending the time for an adult survivor of abuse to press charges, and 2368  Erin’s law requiring the DOE to provide a program for the consistent delivery of sexual violence prevention to grade pre-k through 12 using age appropriate curricula.  The host for this episode was Cynthia Lee Sinclair.  The guest for this episode was Justin Murakami.