Small Plastic Causing a Big Problem (Young Talents Making Way)

Plastic pollution is a global issue which is raising concern for the health of marine and land ecosystems. Smaller microplastics 5mm are particularly problematic as they can be consumed by marine creatures as small as plankton. Beascuse plastic is hydrophobic, it absorbs pollutants like polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) and can act as a vector to transfer these pollutants (and their detrimental health effects) up the food chain. Eventually, humans that eat affected animals could be impacted.   Studies of microplastics in sediments can help to estimate the prevalence of plastic in our oceans and the impact of plastic pollution on a certain area microbial communities. Here on Oahu, sampling of beach sediments across the island has never been completed in the same time frame using a uniform methodology.   The host for this episode was Andrea Gabrieli.  The guest for this episode was Jasmine Chase.