Innovation in Math Teaching (All About Leadership)

Teaching Higher Mathematics to Young People.  Dr. mirhossein Amiraslani , a mathematics professor at UH Maui College, has developed innovative programs in the teaching of mathematics with profound implications for Hawaii, and globally.  He has used cultural references (like Celestial Navigation) in teaching on Maui, as well as "real-world" problem solving, using higher mathematics at the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences (PIMS) in algary, Canad.  He has a P.. i Applied Mathematic rom e University of Western Ontari, and has published extensively in peer-reviewed journals.

In this episode of All About Leadership,r. mirhossein Amiraslani joins Ray Tsuchiyama to review his ideas, vision, and programs about how to teach higher mathematics to young people.

The host for this episode was Ray Tsuchiyama.  The guest for this episode was Amirhossein Amiraslani.