Marshallese Education Day, 2018 (Pacific Partnerships In Education)

Strive to Thrive.  Every year the citizens of the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) in Hawaii celebrate their Marshallese Education Day (MED) to promote educational achievements of RMI students in Hawaii. This year the MED event will be held at the Harris United Methodist Church on Vineyard Boulevard on April 21st.

Education is a major reason for the new migrant populations from the COFA nations to travel and establish themselves in the United States. In Hawaii, many students from the Republic of the Marshall Islands are attending schools throughout this state’s public school system. The local Marshallese communities come together every year to celebrate and promote educational achievement among their students. Cultural practice and traditional knowledge are also a major part of the celebrations.

In this episode of Pacific Partnerships in Education, Ms. Ariana Tibon joins Ethan Allen to talk about this years Marshallese Education Day celebrations.

The host for this episode was Ethan Allen.  The guest for this episode was Ariana Tibon.